Kula by Bryndis is a creative hub established by Bryndís Bolladóttir, an energetic innovator with an artistic and design textile background. Bryndís graduated from the Iceland University of the Arts majoring in Textiles and has since dedicated her life to improving living and working environments bringing joy and tranquillity into the spaces through her creations. 

Bryndís has lived and worked in Reykjavík, New York and Stockholm. She fell in love and married an Icelandic safari enthusiast with whom she had two beautiful daughters. They love exploring the wilderness of Iceland as well as traveling around the world, always on the hunt for inspiration. Life abroad, trips and motherhood shaped her art in a way that concepts such as tranquillity, organic materials and playfulness became part of her creations.

Bryndis wishes to be part of the creation of a better “home” for future generations, to inspire greener thinking, making and living. Bryndís loves challenges and she is convinced that only by sharing opinions and creative ideas with people with different backgrounds and expertises, we can make the world a better place.


Creative living - believing by a window

The first piece of art was sold by hanging it on a yarn sting from my window apartment. At the age of five the dream was created that I could live off creativity.  Then I thought it was a miracle but it was a goodhearted neighbor that started the fire.

The Highlander

Falling in love and subsequently marrying an Icelandic safari enthusiast meant that the wilderness of the Icelandic highland became my backyard.


With a degree from Iceland University of the Arts and majoring in Textiles the foundation was created. Graduation project was a dark room full of spotlighted sculptures made i.e. from recycled stockings. Playing with all senses and impacting space was a seductive inspiration.


I love travelling. For up to a month at a time visiting places both far and near from the mountains of Tibet to the shores of Mekong Delta, South to Australia and West to Venezuela, East to Japan and North to Greenland. Inspiration is the theme of each travel.


With my kids, playfulness grew and so did my other creations. Kula hook was for example sold to Norman Copenhagen which continued the handcrafted production I had established in Iceland. Playfulness & Joy is still my trademark.

Opportunities in recession

Standstill in business, as a result of the meltdown of the Icelandic financial sector late 2008, meant creativity got wings. A Window was opened.  Experts in all fields were willing and able to take part in brainstorming. Acoustic properties of different materials and shapes which I had thought about for some time could now be easily explored.

Award winning artist

Winning a competition for an art installation into a beautiful new high school, FMOS meant resources to take my ideas to the next level. I wanted to make stylish pieces on the verge of being artistic. I wanted architectural harmony and functional excellence. Prior networking with experts of sound, material, and architecture meant that I could create a range of top-quality acoustic absorbers with such atheistic properties that they are pleasing to all senses and not just for the ear. 

Classical products

Kula and Lina were two of the simple but unconventional forms of the absorbers in FMOS. Their shape and unique soft felted Icelandic wool layer soon got an iconic status of classical proportions in Iceland. Round forms trigger with people a sense of wellbeing which is primal. Texture which is soft and natural provides people with the same. Pleasant shapes and reference to nature keeps us intact and in harmony with ourselves. This was universal knowledge and when I started exhibiting abroad it became confirmed.

Back to the future

Looking ahead with what I have, respect for nature, ambitions to make amends and bring good to people the Zero Waste project was a design just waiting to happen. The wellbeing of our Earth matters to us all and the matters of our Earth give us grounding which we all need. I love challenges and I’m convinced that by having a creative dialog with all kind of people we will make the world a better place.