Kula by Bryndis is a creative hub established by Bryndís Bolladóttir, an energetic innovator with an artistic and design textile background. Bryndís graduated from the Iceland University of the Arts majoring in Textiles and has since dedicated her life to improving living and working environments bringing joy and tranquillity into the spaces through her creations. 

Bryndís has lived and worked in Reykjavík, New York and Stockholm. She fell in love and married an Icelandic safari enthusiast. She loves exploring the wilderness of Iceland as well as traveling around the world, always on the hunt for inspiration. Life abroad, trips and motherhood shaped her art in a way that concepts such as tranquillity, organic materials and playfulness became part of her creations.

Bryndís wishes to be part of the creation of a better “home” for future generations, to inspire greener thinking, making and living. Bryndís loves challenges and she is convinced that only by sharing opinions and creative ideas with people with different backgrounds and expertises, we can make the world a better place.