EarthMatters textile collection are felts made from wool of various colours, which have been brushed together with a diverse composition of layers, each of one is made of a variety of different colours. The amount of each colour in any given area will vary. This means that each and every piece of material is special and unique. 

This is a textile collection that started to emerge after focusing on the waste material running off our machinery.

 Leftovers and waste became an inspiration. The following creative process lead to the birth of a new textile line. A line with a unique pattern full of references to natural colours, textures and organic forms. Having full respect for the Earth, being inspired and fascinated by Icelandic nature This new range of textiles was called EarthMatters, both referring to the importance of caring for our Earth and the actual matters of the Earth which are represented in the textiles.

Monochrome textile collection are felts made from wool that is monochromatic. Simplicity and a strong colourful identity are the main features of the collection. It is possible to create a unique setting by placing close to each other few products with different sizes and/or monochromatic textures.