Kula – the beginning of a new Islandic Saga


Today we would like to tell you a new Icelandic Saga. The Saga of how a new generation of young designers will change your view on Iceland. No more talk about financial crises or ash clouds… now we would like to talk design! Design with a international approach, but made out of local materals – by hand.

This is Kula – the first Normann Copehagen product made in (and by) Iceland. Kula is a series of felt hooks and trivets made by the Islandic textile designer Bryndis Bolladottir. Bryndis has used felt as her starting point, and has played with its round shape to create basic designs with an original and authentic expression.

Bryndis Bolladottir tells us: “Kula is all about integrating my craft with resources found on Iceland. It was obvious and natural for me to use felted wool. As a textile designer, it is always interesting to create new designs by taking a quite simple shape and playing with it to create new areas of use. The Kula series radiates an immediacy, with a playful and joyous expression.”

See how the Kula series is made by hand…

The Kula trivet protects your worktop and the use of wool in the product radiates a warmth that gives personality to your kitchen. The Kula hook creates a pleasant mood, it looks random and home-made, and there are no rules for where and how it is attached to the wall. These are products that give your home personality.

The Kula series are available in selected design stores as well as in the Normann Copenhagen online shop. Buy now USD 33.00

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