Kula by Bryndís Bolladóttir

A love of texture and sculptural forms led Icelandic artist and designer Bryndís Bolladóttir to develop Kula, a range of colourful spherical and hemispherical products made of felted wool. The collection consists of sound absorbers and diffusers, door dampers, hooks and trivets – a tactile set of objects with a real sense of playfulness and fun.

Although wool as a material is very much tied to Icelandic identity, “felted wool is underutilised as a production method in Iceland,” Bolladóttir says. As well as giving each Kula piece its unique, appealingly imperfect look and feel, it serves a practical purpose too.

“With its long locks of hair, Icelandic wool is a great insulator,” Bolladóttir explains. “A new dimension emerged before me when I started working with felted wool. It [also] doesn’t hurt that we have plenty of wool in Iceland and I’m pleased to use resources which are so close.” Experimenting with the acoustic potential of felted wool led Bolladóttir to develop the Kula sound absorber and diffusers, a series of hemispheres in 14 colours and 10 sizes.